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Common Threads :: “I Mustache You a Question…”

The mustache―that bit of facial hair grown on the upper lip―was once a way to distinguish one’s manliness or power.  In some cultures, the more creative the mustache, the more wealth that person had.  So how, in recent years, has it taken over the handmade world? And beyond that, mustaches can be found on phone […]

Highlights from Handmade Sexy!

We had such a great time yesterday!  Thanks so much to everyone who came out and had some fun with us!  This market was truly a triple threat:  Our artisans pulled out all the stops with a great selection of Valentine’s Day themed gifts for those close to your hearts.  Our musicians serenaded us throughout […]

Handmade Sexy: Titty Perkins

The wait is nearly over!  Tomorrow, we finally get to present our February market and Valentine’s Day celebration: Handmade Sexy!  Our final sneak peak of what to expect comes from Titty Perkins who will not only be performing some sultry burlesque numbers, but will also be selling her own sexy creations. Here’s her take on […]

Handmade Sexy: MAKA designs

Today’s featured artisan for Handmade Sexy is Alexandra, of MAKA designs.  Her work as a metalsmith comes through as organic, textured, and greatly inspired by nature.  If your Valentine’s Day outfit needs just a little extra sparkle, she’s got you covered! Here’s what Alexandra has waiting for you at Handmade Sexy: Pick one of your […]

Handmade Sexy: Pink’s Parlor

If you’ve got a hot date for Valentine’s Day, or just want to look like hot stuff, look no further!  Christina, of Pink’s Parlor, designs hair accessories that will perfectly complement that outfit we’re sure you’ve already picked out. Here’s Christina’s take on Handmade Sexy: Custom made crafts are like a secret between the artist […]