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Au Revoir!

  Hello all,  March is here, the river is almost green (isn’t it always, though?), and snow is on the ground and thawing. Mid-March typically brings midterms and spring break for most college kids, but for us DePaul students (and others on the quarter system) classes are wrapping up for Winter Quarter. This means the […]

Common Threads :: Tying It All Together

Over the last decade or so, the handmade movement has grown exponentially. Through the popularization of nostalgic motifs and small icons—birds, foxes, mustaches—Etsy has been swept into a worldwide marketplace. And these are only a few of the topics that Common Threads has tapped into!   My mother loved receiving a Chicago mug by A Quartzy Life […]

Common Threads :: “I Mustache You a Question…”

The mustache―that bit of facial hair grown on the upper lip―was once a way to distinguish one’s manliness or power.  In some cultures, the more creative the mustache, the more wealth that person had.  So how, in recent years, has it taken over the handmade world? And beyond that, mustaches can be found on phone […]

February Highlights from The Congress

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did at The Congress Theater this past Sunday! Having Fotio there made for extra photographic fun. If you missed out this time, we’ll be back for our final month at The Congress on March 24th from 10am-2pm.  Fotio will be returning, as well as Swap-O-Rama Rama. […]