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Common Threads :: Tying It All Together

Over the last decade or so, the handmade movement has grown exponentially. Through the popularization of nostalgic motifs and small icons—birds, foxes, mustaches—Etsy has been swept into a worldwide marketplace. And these are only a few of the topics that Common Threads has tapped into!   My mother loved receiving a Chicago mug by A Quartzy Life […]

Common Threads :: Nostalgia

In the world of handmade, many artists utilize old materials to repurpose, reuse, and recycle them into something totally different and unique.  While this trend stems partly from the “green” movement, there has been an overwhelming shift towards all things “old” in recent years.  Past styles resurface as the new fashion on runways, while pictures […]

Your IBT# and You

We’ve had a lot of questions lately from new vendors about the IBT# requirement in our applications.  Never fear- Kelli shares all the details you need to know! Every person who conducts business in the State of Illinois must register his or her business and pay sales tax on every sale made. People who have […]

Biz Links Roundup :: 4/22-4/29/12

Here’s this week’s short and sweet roundup of links UFC Director Kelli has shared on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to  like the Urban Folk Circuit on Facebook to get instant access to up-to-the-minute business links, tips ideas, and UFC news. Are you cultivating happy relationships with your customers? Score your dream job already! Are you pricing your […]

Weekly Biz Links Roundup

As a crafter myself and Director of the Urban Folk Circuit, I’m always on the lookout for resources that pertain to indie businesspersons and are relevant for growing small craft businesses. Throughout the week, I share my findings with you on our Facebook page where I hope you visit often to interact with fellow artisans, […]